50 - Irish_economy_EN

The Importance of Physics to the Irish Economy

I have always thought that physicists, and scientists in general, should make a stronger effort to make evident their importance in economic terms. Even if we are talking about basic science, there is always a long-term benefit that can be estimated in numbers. It’s very useful to show such unambiguous numbers to the rest of society, to remember them once again the importance of science. Continue reading

47 - Bill Foster_EN

From Fermilab to the U.S. House of Representatives

Via the blog Physics and Physicists, I’ve learned about the quite interesting story of Bill Foster, member of the Democratic Party that has just been elected as U.S. Representative for Illinois’s 11th congressional district.

Bill Foster is a Particle Physics Experimentalist, that after 22 years working in Fermilab decided to go into politics. Continue reading

30 - My_life_as_a_quant_EN

Book review: “My life as a quant”

“My life as a quant” is an amazing book, where Emanuel Derman tells how he went from Particle Physics research to Wall Street. I’m not going to write a real review of the book, because there are some excellent reviews already available on the Internet (Quantitative Finance, Wilmott, Slashdot, Financial Times, Bloomberg Businessweek, …), but instead I will just say a few random comments and put a few quotes of the book. Continue reading

43 - After a PhD in astrophysics_EN

What the fuck do I do now with a PhD In Astrophysics?

The fact is that as an astronomer/cosmologist/astrophysicist your main skills are nowadays not so special. You are by comparison with other professionals, let’s say, an “average computer geek“. So again, where in this competitive world can a Astrophysicist find its place? Continue reading

28 - Financial-consulting_EN

Becoming a Quant: some basic information…

Hi everybody,

I’m currently finishing my PhD in Theoretical Particle Physics and I’m looking for a job in finance. A possibility I’m considering is to become a “quant” (I believe somebody already explained what this job is about in another post on this blog). Looking for more information about what I actually need to be hired in this sector I found an interesting thread in physicsforums.com: http://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=376191 Continue reading

From university to the workmarket