Consultant at Accenture

After graduating with my bachelor degree in physics I spent a couple of years working for a consulting company, Accenture, before going back to school for my PhD.

I spent my time doing technical work: mostly programming and program testing.  As a consultant, I was put on projects for other companies in different locations with projects lasting about half a year to a year.  I liked this aspect, that I wasn’t always in the same place doing the same thing.  It was both challenging and fun and my coworkers were great.

I also felt like my hard work was truly appreciated and innovation was always welcomed.  People skills are definitely important as a lot of the job involved interfacing with clients.  The job does potentially require a lot of travel and sometimes to unsavory destinations but I did all of my work in the Chicago area.


More details if you’re interested in this post:

  • Important qualities to get the job:
    Accenture seems to hire people with good grades, who have leadership skills, people skills and who are self-motivated.
  • What is the typical salary level in the first 5 years?
    More than $50K/year.