Euroscience Open Forum 2012

The Euroscience Open Forum (ESOF) is the largest science event in Europe. It is organized biannually and this year will be held in Dublin form July 11 to July 15 (ESOF2012). This event aims to be an interdisciplinary event for different public, with a very broad program that includes a great scientific program, a social program, meetings academia-industry and a career program.

In the career program former researchers explain the opportunities they found and how they changed their professional paths. What we will find there is people that have been working as a scientific journalist, in technology transfer, in political science, companies and so on. This career program also can be complemented with other activities at the forum: “Breakfast with the proof”, when several young students will talk with top-researchers in an informal lunch and the science-company program where you can give your resume to a broad range of companies and participate in several interviews or networking events.

I was in ESOF in the 2008 edition, held in Barcelona, when I was doing my PhD and it opened new worlds to me for my career. I also had lunch with the maximum responsible in the fusion program ITER. But ESOF is much more that that, and I enjoyed it a lot thanks to all the activities that you can experience. If you want to attend to a scientific event and know what can you do for a living related to science, this is the place to go.

PS: You can find more information about Euroscience at their website or at wikipedia.

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