From Particle Physics at the US to Quantitative Finance in Singapore

One of our readers sent us the link of Manoj Thulasidas’ “Unreal blog“, where he talks about “Life and work; Perception and physics; Science and Spiritualism; and Money and quantitative finance”. Wow, lot of stuff there.

In particular, I think that for our readers it can be interesting to take a look at his post “The story so far“, where he summarizes the main steps in his personal and professional career. Here is my brief recap:

After a PhD in Experimental High Energy Physics in the US, and a first postdoc in France he moved to Singapore and started working in a different field at the Institute for Infocomm Research, where he worked on various body-based measurements, and computerizing brain signals. In 2005, seven years after moving to Singapore, he got into Quantitative Finance, “an ideal domain for a cash-strapped physicist”. He worked at the bank OCBC for two years, and then he was hired by Standard Chartered Bank, where he is been working since then. He has actually published a book about Quantitative Finance, in addition to several articles in different magazines.

Check out his post for more details!

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