LINK: What’s the salary for a university professor in Spain?

In the GOLEM blog we can find the answer to that question, for a professor working at a public university in Spain (“Profesor Titular”) in the year 2011. The post is written in Spanish, but you can maybe follow the numbers.

As you can check, there is not an easy answer to the question, because the salary depends on the seniority and the Spanish region where the university is located, but I think that it can be summarized in the following way to a good approximation:

  • Initial salary of ~33000€/year;
  • Plus a maximum of ~1100€/year per every year of seniority (I think that at least a part of this amount is calculated since the beginning of your research/teaching activity, i.e. probably since your PhD years, and not since the moment that you actually became a professor);

This is the gross salary, that obviously will be reduced by the different taxes, health insurance, etc. In the particular case exposed in the GOLEM blog, the gross salary (~43000€/year) is reduced to ~31000€/year.

As fas as I understand, in the Spanish universities there are two kind of permanent positions: “Profesor Titular” and “Catedrático”, being the salary of the latter higher than the salary of the former. How higher? I don’t know, but I don’t think it’s much higher…

I am pretty sure that university professors from other countries like USA or Germany will be impressed to see these numbers… It would be great to have some information about the typical salaries there to compare…

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  1. In Germany there are two classes of “real” professors, one is called W2, the other W3… The former earns a basic salary of 4200 EUR per month, the latter around 5000. Per year that would be approximately 50,000 and 60,000 respectively. Under certain circumstances it can be more (like if you have a family). To put that into perspective: W2 is a little bit more money than a high school teacher gets, whereas W3 is roughly a high school director’s salary. Of course, everything is excluding taxes and contributions to the social security system (health care, etc.). Obviously, there’s fierce competition for the few positions that are offered.

  2. Thanks Robert! The salaries in Germany are actually lower than I was expecting.
    The comparison with high-school teachers is interesting. However I have no idea about those salaries in Spain…

  3. The salary of high-school teachers in Spain are, usually, between 20k and 25k/year, but it can grow to 30k/year.

  4. What Do Academics Earn in Germany? Here you have the answer:

    “Junior professors are appointed on the W1 salary scale with a basic salary of 3,405.34 euros. W2 professors receive a basic salary of 3,890.03 euros, W3 professors a basic salary of 4,723.61 euros.”

    “Performance bonuses may be added to W2 and W3 basic salaries […] via the number of their national/international publications […] special achievements may be demonstrated in particular by the number of PhD students […]”

    We should maybe prepare a post about this, but I’m lazy today…

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