Partner at investment advisory firm

My physics PhD helped me to get my first job in the financial sector in London as soon as I finished it. Since then I had several “analytical” and “quantitative” roles in the industry. And now I have founded Green Heath Capital, my own investment management advisory firm.
In the financial sector there are many physicists (and other scientists) that use their technical, analytical and quantitative skills in their day-to-day jobs. The transitions is not that hard, however I would recommend you read a few financial calculus books (especially option pricing theory) before you go to your first interview.

Before working as investment manager at Green Heath Capital, I worked as Policy analyst at the Department of Energy and Climate Change (UK Government) and as Risk and hedge fund analyst at Merrill Lynch Investment Managers (now Blackrock).


More details if you're interested in this post:

  • Where should I send my CV?
    If you are interested in finance, all mayor banks run graduates schemes and they love PhDs in physics (they are clever). In general best advice is to talk to people that already got the job you would like to have, show them your CV and ask advice (is free!)
  • Where can I find more information?
    Google, alumni network, job fairs, …
  • What is the typical gross salary level in the first 5 years?
    Above 50.000€/year.