Professor in private university

Hi everyone.

This work, as in any university, involves teaching and research. In my case there are few physicist coworkers, due to the degree courses that this university offers. Precisely because of this, although people graduated in this university are usually preferred as professors, in the case of physicists the easier way is to get the PhD in a university where the undergrad in Physics is offered. More applied physicists could make the PhD in this university in the technical areas, with engineers, where a PhD program is available.

The teaching load is a bit bigger than in public universities. In my case there is a good work environment with good working conditions in my opinion, both in the teaching and the research.

Specially appreciated is the academic record, the PhD title and the certification as Private University Professor, that you can get through the ANECA or the corresponding regional agency (AVAP in this case). The promotion is based mainly on your research CV.

This is a catholic university, and although sharing the ideology is not an indispensable condition, you have to respect it.


Other details in case you are interested in this post:

  • How to apply?
    You should send a CV to the email address indicated in this website (in the link “Oferta de Empleo Profesorado”)
  • Where can I find more information?
    In this website you can find the job offers as well as the available degrees.
  • Important qualities for applicants?
    It is convenient to have (or being making) a PhD. The above-mentioned certification and the publications are also taken into account.
  • What is the typical (gross) salary for the first five years?
    In the 15K-30K€/year if you arrive right after college or grad school.