Project engineer at GMV

In the early days, GMV focused on the space and defense industry, in fields like the mission analysis, flight dynamics, control centers, simulation or satellite navigation. Nowadays its market is wider and includes consulting and engineering services, software and hardware development, system integration and operations support. In practice it has become a standard software consulting company.

The projects we work on are very diverse, in the majority of cases very interesting and related to the aerospace industry. It must be said that, GMV being a software consulting firm, our work here is focused on tasks related to programming and this is what people is doing most of the time. From my point of view the interesting part of the job is the design step of any project, when we try to devise a system that fulfills all required specs, finding the easiest way to reach our goal, foreseeing the issues that each design entails and the solutions that can be applied and how to develop them. I personally find more boring the software development itself, its documentation, validation and maintenance, which are typically the task that absorb most of the time.

In this company the most common professional profile is the aerospace engineer, but there are also several physicists, computer and telecom engineers, mathematicians etc., who were hired because of the excellence of their academic curriculum or because their profile was recommended by someone in the company. The advanced knowledge of some programming language is also much appreciated although not indispensable.

There are also several people who first started at the company with a university fellowship and stayed on as staff after the end of the fellowship. This is my case: I started here with a fellowship of the Astrophysics Master (organized by Universidad Complutense and Autónoma of Madrid), and I was hired when the grant ended. And I am still here.


Other details in case you are interested in this post:

  • How to apply?
    You should send a CV to the following email address:
  • Where can I find more information?
    You can check the job offers through this website.
    there is more information about the Astrophysics Master I mentioned above.
    You can find more information on GMV’s webpage about the work the company does within the space sector, as well as all the other areas they are involved in.
  • Important qualities for applicants?
    Good academic record and advanced knowledge of some programming language. Good English is a prerequisite.
  • What is the typical (gross) salary for the first five years?

    In the 20K-25K€/a range during the first 2 or 3 years.