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Book review: “My life as a quant”

“My life as a quant” is an amazing book, where Emanuel Derman tells how he went from Particle Physics research to Wall Street. I’m not going to write a real review of the book, because there are some excellent reviews already available on the Internet (Quantitative Finance, Wilmott, Slashdot, Financial Times, Bloomberg Businessweek, …), but instead I will just say a few random comments and put a few quotes of the book. Continue reading Book review: “My life as a quant”

Physics in paradise: scientific guide

The job I’m going to talk about, and that I had for some time, is more a temporary job than a permanent one. By word of mouth I found the Acquadimare association (ex Universo Acqua) in Milan, that coordinated the activity of a large number of so-called “experts”, both in science and humanities. These experts participate in private events, excursions or, in my case, activities in a tourist resort. Continue reading Physics in paradise: scientific guide