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From Particle Physics at the US to Quantitative Finance in Singapore

One of our readers sent us the link of Manoj Thulasidas’ “Unreal blog“, where he talks about “Life and work; Perception and physics; Science and Spiritualism; and Money and quantitative finance”. Wow, lot of stuff there.

In particular, I think that for our readers it can be interesting to take a look at his post “The story so far“, where he summarizes the main Continue reading From Particle Physics at the US to Quantitative Finance in Singapore

Physics in paradise: scientific guide

The job I’m going to talk about, and that I had for some time, is more a temporary job than a permanent one. By word of mouth I found the Acquadimare association (ex Universo Acqua) in Milan, that coordinated the activity of a large number of so-called “experts”, both in science and humanities. These experts participate in private events, excursions or, in my case, activities in a tourist resort. Continue reading Physics in paradise: scientific guide

Market researcher

I studied physics in Valencia and then worked for 4 years at Arbora&Ausonia, the Procter&Gamble joint venture that produces and markets in Spain brands such as Evax (sanitary pads) and Dodot (children diapers). I was responsible for market and consumers research for diaper products. I resigned from that position when I obtained a grant from the foundation La Caixa for an MBA at CEIBS (China Europe International Business School), which is my current occupation. Continue reading Market researcher