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EVENT: Jobs for physicists

We would like to let you know that an interesting event called “I mestieri del fisico” (Jobs for physicists) will be held at the University of Bologna (Italy) on May 18th 2012. During the event, devoted to physics students, several alumni of the physics department will present their jobs and explain how studying physics helped them in getting the job. You can find the complete program at this page (in Italian). Continue reading EVENT: Jobs for physicists

Physics in paradise: scientific guide

The job I’m going to talk about, and that I had for some time, is more a temporary job than a permanent one. By word of mouth I found the Acquadimare association (ex Universo Acqua) in Milan, that coordinated the activity of a large number of so-called “experts”, both in science and humanities. These experts participate in private events, excursions or, in my case, activities in a tourist resort. Continue reading Physics in paradise: scientific guide

Italian physicist job-hunting

Hi folks,

currently I’m playing the crazy theoretical physicist in Valencia, Spain, where I got a PhD fellowship. It took four months from my graduation until I got the PhD fellowship and I waited two more months to take possession of my PhD desk. During these six months I went through some job interviews and I considered different kind of jobs, experiences that, aside from the outcome, I recommend to everybody as “formative”, not to say ridiculous, experiences. Continue reading Italian physicist job-hunting