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University IT-manager

Reading the previous posts, I have realized how (relatively) old I am and how hard is to summarize 24 years of work experience (or I should better say burden).

Traffic engineering.-

After graduating in physics in 1986, and following a professor advice,  I had an interview with Electronic Traffic S.A. (ETRA S.A.) and on August 1st of the same year I started working in the R&D division of this Spanish company based in Valencia dealing in traffic control systems production. Continue reading University IT-manager

Software developer for satellite control

Since the Soviet Union put Sputnik 1, the first man-made satellite in history, into orbit in 1957, we haven’t stopped launching new models of satellite with diverse uses into space. It is estimated that there are hundreds of satellites currently in operation and that thousands have been put into orbit over the last 50 years. Continue reading Software developer for satellite control

Professor in private university

Hi everyone.

This work, as in any university, involves teaching and research. In my case there are few physicist coworkers, due to the degree courses that this university offers. Precisely because of this, although people graduated in this university are usually preferred as professors, in the case of physicists the easier way is to get the PhD in a university where the undergrad in Physics is offered. Continue reading Professor in private university