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Book review: “My life as a quant”

“My life as a quant” is an amazing book, where Emanuel Derman tells how he went from Particle Physics research to Wall Street. I’m not going to write a real review of the book, because there are some excellent reviews already available on the Internet (Quantitative Finance, Wilmott, Slashdot, Financial Times, Bloomberg Businessweek, …), but instead I will just say a few random comments and put a few quotes of the book. Continue reading Book review: “My life as a quant”

What the fuck do I do now with a PhD In Astrophysics?

The fact is that as an astronomer/cosmologist/astrophysicist your main skills are nowadays not so special. You are by comparison with other professionals, let’s say, an “average computer geek“. So again, where in this competitive world can a Astrophysicist find its place? Continue reading What the fuck do I do now with a PhD In Astrophysics?

Becoming a Quant: some basic information…

Hi everybody,

I’m currently finishing my PhD in Theoretical Particle Physics and I’m looking for a job in finance. A possibility I’m considering is to become a “quant” (I believe somebody already explained what this job is about in another post on this blog). Looking for more information about what I actually need to be hired in this sector I found an interesting thread in physicsforums.com: http://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=376191 Continue reading Becoming a Quant: some basic information…

From Higgs hunting to Sociophysics

I work as a postdoc (scientific research) in Complex Systems, specifically in Socio-physics. We basically build models that try to describe (and eventually, to predict) different social behaviors, like the spread of rumors, a fashion/innovation/opinion adoption, the competition between languages, community patters, etc. Continue reading From Higgs hunting to Sociophysics

Quantitative analyst at BBVA

I completed my PhD in Physics in Valencia with professor E. Oset. After that, I decided to leave the academic world and to work in a private company. My first job was as a progressive lens designer at INDO, where I worked for three years. After that, I decided to move to the banking sector, where I'm working now. I work as CVA quantitative analyst at BBVA. A quantitative analyst (“quant” from now on) is in charge of pricing exotic derivatives and giving hedging strategies to cover the market risks associated to them. I will try to briefly explain what is this about. Continue reading Quantitative analyst at BBVA

COBOL programmer

Shortly after finishing the undergrad in Physics, I found a programming job offer that did not require any previous experience. In my resumé I did not have much to write apart from my undergrad, and so I sent them an application. In the interview I asked about the specific programming language and I have to recognize I had never heard about COBOL (COmmon Business-Oriented Language). I didn’t have any problem in saying it to my interviewer and she did not have either any problem in offering me the job. Continue reading COBOL programmer

Did you know that Stephen Wolfram studied Physics?

Did you know that Stephen Wolfram, the creator of Mathematica, studied Physics and that he actually was a well-known particle physicist? Amazingly enough, he published his first paper when he was sixteen and got his PhD at Caltech when he was 20 years old. Continue reading Did you know that Stephen Wolfram studied Physics?

Project engineer at GMV

In the early days, GMV focused on the space and defense industry, in fields like the mission analysis, flight dynamics, control centers, simulation or satellite navigation. Nowadays its market is wider and includes consulting and engineering services, software and hardware development, system integration and operations support. In practice it has become a standard software consulting company. Continue reading Project engineer at GMV