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If you studied Physics and you want to contribute to this blog telling us your experience in the working world you are very welcome! Please use the form at the end of the page.

In your post, you can tell us whatever you find interesting about your job, but please keep in mind that you are talking essentially with the current (and future) students of Physics, and that the main goal of this blog is to give them useful information about the different possibilities they have after the university. You can take a look to previous posts if you want to see what other people decided to tell.

We can suggest you to answer basic questions like… what do you do in your work? is it complicated to get hired? are physicist also your co-workers? But let us emphasize again that you can approach the post as you want.

In any case, thanks a lot for your contribution to this blog, that we think will help a lot to the young people in taking a more informed decision after the university years.

Here you can see a post-template, that may help you.



To send us your post:

  • download and save on your computer  this file;
  • fill in the pdf form you downloaded and save it;
  • send us the pdf file and, if you want, also some pictures, using the following form:

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From university to the workmarket