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Reading the previous posts, I have realized how (relatively) old I am and how hard is to summarize 24 years of work experience (or I should better say burden).

Traffic engineering.-

After graduating in physics in 1986, and following a professor advice,  I had an interview with Electronic Traffic S.A. (ETRA S.A.) and on August 1st of the same year I started working in the R&D division of this Spanish company based in Valencia dealing in traffic control systems production.

In that company I worked both as analyst and systems administrator, participating in the development of the traffic control system (SCT) produced by ETRA. During those years I joined many projects created under the European program DRIVE I y ENS (European Nervous System), part of the R&D European program.


On 1991, when the Jaume I University (UJI) was created in Castelló de la Plana (Spain), the possibility to start a new job as IT manager of the new university arose. The group I was working with created from scratch the new IT infrastructure and chose to install a UNIX based system, with RDBMS, Ethernet, TCP/IP (both as protocol and tool), Internet protocol, etc. (as hard to believe as it may seem, this kind of tools have not been always out there).

Solar energy research.-

Once the main system of the University was well established, I restarted my PhD and finally graduated. At the end of 2008 I started also working part time “as a physicist” on a research project about a new type of solar collector in which we test special materials, both for the substrate and for the reflective surfaces, that would reduce by half the production costs.


Other details just in case you are interested in this post:

  • How to apply?
    In Spain you can get this job through a public competitive examination.
  • Where can I find more information?
    Job openings can be found in the Spanish official gazette.
  • Important qualities for job applicants?
    A good CV was the key in getting the job at the first company: they were looking for a hard working and quick learning person.
  • What is the tipical (gross) salary for the first five years?
    More or less in the range 30K-50K€ /year.

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